Full Service Laundry Center

We offer a complete range of services to meet all of your laundry needs.

Pickup & Delivery

Our Fresh & Folded Laundry Services offers FREE pickup and delivery with NEXT day turnaround at just $2.50/lb (20 lb minimum). Services are all-inclusive and fully customizable, meaning you can customize your order as much or as little as you desire without the fear of an upcharge! Our pickup and delivery laundry service is available Monday through Saturday.

We service Scottdale, PA and the surrounding areas. Click SCHEDULE to see if we service your area!

  • Wash Cycle & Temperature
  • Extra Wash or Rinse
  • Detergent
  • Softener
  • Scent Booster
  • Bleach
  • Sanitizer
  • Dyer Heat Level
  • Dryer Sheet
  • Hang or Fold

Ask us about our Commercial Rates!


Drop Off

Our Fresh & Folded Laundry Services also offers NEXT day service for individuals that want to bring their laundry to our facilities to be processed. Drop-off services are also all-inclusive and fully customizable at just $2.00/lb (10 lb minimum). Bring us your laundry, tell us how you would like done and we will take care of all the sorting, separating, washing, drying, and folding, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for a notification letting you know your laundry is ready.

  • Wash Cycle & Temperature
  • Extra Wash or Rinse
  • Detergent
  • Softener
  • Scent Booster
  • Bleach
  • Sanitizer
  • Dyer Heat Level
  • Dryer Sheet
  • Hang or Fold

Scottdale Laundromat offers a clean, friendly, and safe environment for you to do your laundry. We have high speed, high-tech, coin-operated washers and dryers in various sizes, allowing you to conquer laundry day. Our climate controlled facility has FREE WiFi, convenient parking, folding tables, laundry carts, and coffee for our customers to enjoy.

If you forget your detergent, don't fret! We have Arm & Hammer pods in our vending machine, along with Downy Lavender & Vanilla Bean scent beads, OxiClean, and Bounce dryer sheets.

Type Size Price
Washer 6 Loads $10.00
Washer 4 Loads $7.00
Washer 2 Loads $4.00
Dryer 5 Loads $1.25/15-mins
Dryer 3 Loads $1.00/20-mins
Other Services


Dry cleaning is effective for removal of oil based stains such as grease, oils and makeup. Schedule your dry cleaning with your pick-up & delivery or drop-off services!

Service Item Price
Dry Cleaning Pants $7.70
Dry Cleaning Shirt $3.50
Dry Cleaning Shirt DryClean ONLY $7.50
Dry Cleaning Coat $19.25
Dry Cleaning Jacket $15.75
Dry Cleaning Dress $15.75
Dry Cleaning Skirt $7.70
Dry Cleaning Sweater $7.70
Dry Cleaning Dress $15.75
Dry Cleaning Blouse $7.70
Dry Cleaning Jersey $6.72
Dry Cleaning Tie $7.00
Dry Cleaning Lab Coat $8.75
Dry Cleaning Blazer $7.70
Dry Cleaning Drapes $16.80
Dry Cleaning Vest $7.70
Dry Cleaning Robe $14.00
Dry Cleaning Lining $7.70
Dry Cleaning Gown $35.00
Dry Cleaning Down Comforter $46.20
Dry Cleaning Scarf $5.60
Dry Cleaning Belt $5.60
Dry Cleaning Tablecloth $14.00
Dry Cleaning Shorts $7.00
Dry Cleaning Valance $12.60
Dry Cleaning Pillow Sham $5.60
Dry Cleaning Rug $13.30
Dry Cleaning Pillow $13.72
Dry Cleaning Afghan $18.20
Dry Cleaning Wedding Gown/Box $208.82


Our seamstress is here to ensure that your garments look and fit the way you want them to! We offer various tailoring and repair services including: hemming, resizing, and zipper repair.

Service Description Price
Hem Pants:Casual $14.00
Hem Pants:Dress $21.00
Hem Jeans $21.00
Hem Dress:Per Layer $14.00
Hem Skirt:Per Layer $14.00
Hem Shirt $7.00
Hem Sleeve:Per $7.00
Hem Dart:Per $7.00
Alteration Regular Take in Sides:Per $7.00
Alteration Complex Take in Sides:Per $14.00
Alteration Waist $14.00
Alteration Waist:Complex $21.00
Repairs 2 Buttons $7.00
Repairs Patching $7.00
Repairs General $7.00
Zippers Jackets $21.00
Zippers Dress $7.00
Zippers Dress:Complex $14.00
Other Sew on Patches:Per $14.00

Laundry Made Easy!

If you don't have time or if you just hate doing laundry- we've got the service for you! Our Fresh & Folded Laundry Services are the ultimate in convenience and time-saving. Everything we do is focused on creating a truly unique laundry experience.